Wednesday, 29 April 2009


For the second part of the context brief we had to choose a subject and document it in 100 via grids, making it into a system. I chose the first two shelves on my bookcase. The second grid is just the images in a random order, the first grid is trying to make some sort of sense of it. I chose to colour code it, which ended up being a far longer process than I had anticipated.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Easterball / Dangerball

More fun in the Basement, post pub pre club and festival ticket euphoria (or something). Another Alex video.

Last day

On the last day of the battle, or more like the last time we did anything (hopefully it will resume at some point), Rachel chose 'Romy' aka our chosen judge.




Rachel won. The current store stands at Sale 4 - Marchesi 2.


My next word was 'Comfort'.



The judge decided it was a draw.

Sale 3 - Marchesi 2.


Rachel's next word was 'Eat'.



Turns out trying to hang up giant pieces of cardboard food in Ipswich town centre at night isn't that easy due to interruptions from passers by and a lack of good lighting near any trees, hence the park railings. We decided it was a tough decision and called in an outside judge, Rachel won.

Sale 2 - Marchesi 1.


The next day I came up with the word 'Concealed'.



The second video was sort of part of my submission, but as it was a joint video made by Alex and myself, it sort of didn't count. We just got a bit carried away with the video camera.

Sale 1 - Marchesi 1.

Marchesi Vs. Sale

Long time no change due to extreme laziness and lack of motivation. Easter rolled around and after a ... less productive spring term at college, Rachel Sale and myself decided to have an ongoing 'battle' in the first week of the easter holidays. The premise was to each come up with a different word on alternate days and for both participants to come up with a response to that word in their format of choice.



The first word was 'Clean', but I failed miserably as I had completely forgotten about the challenge until half an hour before the deadline - whereas Rachel came up with a brilliant animation. Sale 1 - Marchesi 0.