Thursday, 14 May 2009

Attention To Detail

Small hand bound book attempting to categorize and document a box of junk that I own. Dry point etchings = Hand Killer. There are 10 pages in this book, the binding went pretty well considering it was my first real attempt, not perfect but there's always room for improvement.


sauceofmystery said...

Ahh awesome. Did you go to a session or teach yourself? I have to figure out how to do Chinese bookbinding tonight. fun.

Nice dry point etching, totally didn't recognise it as your style!


Fran Marchesi said...

Ahhh I hate drypoint, it killed my hands! They don't let us use acid etching in first year and it drives me mad...

Basically I figured it out myself, after having a talk from my friends flatmate who studies Book Arts at LCC and looking at some online guides.... and visiting a specialist shop for book binding supplies!

How are you? And why do you never post any of your work on your blog? Share!

sauceofmystery said...

Ah nice! It is a pretty simple process, just time consuming and a bit fiddly. Haha, don't trust the first years with acid etching! Did we do that in lower sixth?

I'm good, ta, meant to be making a 5 minute presentation on what I've learnt over the last year, they also mark you on your blog (hence the mass back-dating of entries!) How are you doing? Living in the same house next year?